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SpineDok Instructions

How to get on the SpineDok
1. Place the SpineDok on the carpet or, if you have a hardwood or vinyl floor, on a bath towel.
2. For more comfort, you can also use a thick bath towel to cover the unit. You can layer the towels on it (to make sure) so your whole back is (on) supported by the device.
3. If you have chronic back, neck, or shoulder problems you can start using SpineDok on your bed (moving to the floor at a later date after you are more comfortable and the unit has worked over time to loosen those muscles.) At a later date, when you feel more comfortable on the SpineDok, you can move the unit to the floor.
4. Now lie alongside the SpineDok, so your back touches the unit.
5. Gently roll your entire body onto the unit.
6. Slowly and deliberately move side to side to adjust your back on the unit. There is no rush.
7. Bend your knees slightly.
8. Stay relaxed and always remember to breathe as slowly and as deeply as possible.

Head and Hips
For comfort you can place a small pillow under your head or your hips to minimize stress as you begin to use the SpineDok. As you become more comfortable with the unit you may remove the pillow and lay directly on the unit.

Place your arms along your sides, with the forearms crossed over your chest. You can use pillows to raise your elbows off the floor as much as you need to be comfortable. As the SpineDok continues to work, in later sessions you will be able to open up your chest more and remove the pillows.
How Long to Lay on SpineDok.
It has taken a long time for your back to get into its present state. It will likely take some time for your back to open up and return to its natural state.

Do not rush!

Listen to your body.

You should only remain on the unit for as long as you feel comfortable. No more than 5-10 minutes maximum during the first two weeks. As you get more comfortable, increase your time on the device at a rate of 5 (five) minutes per week until you achieve your desired results.

To get off SpineDok:
Gently roll off either side of the SpineDok.
Once off, slowly get to your hands and knees.
Take your time and then stand up slowly.
If you feel dizzy at any point, STOP until it goes away, and then continue getting up.

For lower body stretch:
Place the SpineDok on the floor with the low side pointing toward your head. The low side of the SpineDok is the side marked by the raised letterings of patent pending. You should line up your spine so the highest point of the SpineDok is under the lower part of your rib cage .

For the upper body stretch:
Place the SpineDok on the floor with the high side pointing toward your head. The high side of the SpineDok is the side marked by the raised lettering, www.spinedok.com. Slowly adjust your back until the highest point of the SpineDok is under your shoulder blades.
The unit provides the best upper back stretch when the center point of your upper back, between your shoulder blades, is lying on the highest point of the SpineDok.

Remember to go slowly and to be gentle with yourself. Do only what you are comfortable with and do not try to do too much or overstretch yourself. Patience is important! For some users, SpineDok works almost immediately. For other users, whose back might be especially stiff or tight, it will take some time for your back to loosen up sufficiently before you can fully feel and experience the benefits of using the SpineDok. To give the SpineDok a fair evaluation, use it for 5 to 10 minutes a day for at least 1 to 2 weeks.
If you have major spinal misalignment, are pregnant, have a back injury, or are unsure of a medical condition you should consult your physician before using the SpineDok. If you have a moderate to severe problem and do not get a qualified physician to evaluate your condition before using the SpineDok you could be ignoring an underlying medical problem that requires important treatment. So please, check with your doctor if you have any doubts on using the SpineDok. Also, while using the SpineDok, listen to your body and if you feel discomfort, dizziness, or pain please STOP and get off the unit following the to get off SpineDok instructions.



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