Get Natural Back Pain Relief with
SpineDok™ in Just 5 minutes a Day

“ The SpineDok™ helps stretch and
eliminate back pain. It accelerates the
process of restoring the back to a more
normal posture. We continue to use it
   in our office and I highly
     recommend it for home use. ”

– Dr. Sarah Corcoran

Relieve back pain forever!

SpineDok™ is the only back care system that employs natural, holistic practice for effective, permanent back pain relief. Resting on SpineDok's™ patented system of curves for just 5 minutes a day.

  • Gently stretches and align your entire back.
  • Loosen chronically tight muscles in neck & shoulder areas.
  • Develops better posture.
  • Gives a better quality of life.

"I have been struggling with finding techniques to properly stretch my back effectively. I know it sounds cliche but it has "changed my life!" I have recommended it to several people with some
type of back issue and this
is the best product I have
found to relieve
back stress."

– Tim S., Loomis CA

"The SpineDok employs the force of gravity to gently stretch the spine. It opens, stretches, and relaxes the upper back, shoulder, and neck area."

– Dr. Jeffrey Tucker, DC, DACB, Los Angeles, California

"Last week I had a horrible pain in my back and I automatically got on the SpineDok. I relaxed on it for about 15 minutes or so and – voila! The back pain was
all gone and it hasn't come
back. I'm sold on
this baby!"

– Laurel H., Phoenix, AZ

"The SpineDok™ has become the central focus of my lower back care because of its effectiveness and simplicity; spending 5 to 10 minues on the SpineDok™ a day has truly changed my life."

– Dan F., Nashville, Tennessee